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Pusheen? Pusheen!

assalamualaikum semua
tak jawab berdosa, kalau jawab sayang
Korang kenal siapa itu Pusheen? Tak kenal! Alolo. Kesian. Kalau tak kenal, meh scroll down ke bawah. Meh ieka nak bercerita. Kopi dan pasta je ni!

Like most members of the feline family, Pusheen the Cat enjoys sitting on warm computers, long petting sessions, and many other quintessential feline activities. But she’s not your typical tabby. Adopted from a shelter in her youth (hence the name, based upon the Irish word for kitten, puisín), Pusheen has since grown into one of Tumblr’s furry sensations.
Her human-like snacking abilities, love of dress-up, and abnormally adorable on-screen bop have garnered hundreds of thousands of fans. She already has a line ofmerchandiseand just signed a book deal. And yet, despite all this fame, Pusheen remains her modest, friendly, yarn-loving self. How does she stay so grounded, amidst all the adulation? Pusheen answers, in typical fashion.

Where do you live?

I live in the USA. To be specific though, I spend most of my time on this couch.

Where’s the coolest place your travels have taken you?

I think that would have to be the refrigerator. It’s honestly one of my favorite places in the world.

You’re kind of a big deal. People can even buy shorts and earrings and whatnot with you on them. With all this attention, how do you stay humble?

I always start my day off with a delicious slice of humble pie. Mmmmm.

Anyone special in your life these days?

Are you asking me out?

You don’t eat cat food. Let’s take tonight, for example. Any dinner plans?

If you want to go get a pizza, I won’t say no!

How has Tumblr changed your life?

Before, I was just a chubby tabby cat. Now, I’m a chubby tabby cat with a blog!
Dah kenal dah siapa Pusheen? Comel kan! Ieka suka sangat budak Pusheen ni, sampai dah jadi wallpaper untuk phone Xperia Arc kesayangan ieka ni buat kesekian masa. Hehe. Korang trylah buka homepage dia. Ada banyak lagi gambar Pusheen yang comel-comel, and over comel! > SINI <

Ieka baru activate balik account Twitter ieka. Meh sini follow ramai-ramai! 

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