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.: 3-lined Love Letter :.

dedikasi wat mas ira n sesapa y nga angau or putus atie ^^

neyh semua di adapt dari rancangan variety Cartoon KAT-TUN musim ke-2

Hyogo prefecture, Male, 15 years old:
Those pranks of yours,
I intentionally fell for them,
So I could see your smile.

Kyoto prefecture, Female, 25 years old:
The one who pushed and said “Ganbatte” to me
The one who held me and said “You don’t need to pretend to be strong”
Was you.

Kumamoto prefecture, Male, 21 years old:
Following me
Do you not like it?
If not, then I will follow you instead.

Tokyo prefecture, Male, 53 years old:
If you meet me in heaven,
Please pretend you don’t know me,
Because next time, I want to propose to you once more.

Osaka prefecture, Female, 14 years old:
Towards the anxious me before an exam
Your “Ganbatte”
Made my heart skip another beat.

Aichi prefecture, Male, 31 years old:
My mobile still kept that
“I like you”
Message which was never sent.

Tokyo prefecture, Female, 18 years old:
I fought with you over the phone
Nevertheless, I still want to see you,
That’s why I want to see you.

Hiroshima prefecture, Male, 37 years old:
Staring at the short life line upon the palm
Muttering if fate really does exist
With a pen, my wife silently extended it to my wrist.

Kanagawa prefecture, Male, age 79
Dear wife,
Although I cant say how much I love you
Please don’t go before I do.

Nara prefecture, Male, age 18:
A message came. “What are you doing”, you asked,
“spacing out” was my only reply,
Because I couldn’t admit I was only waiting for your message.

Hokkaido, Male, age 17
The only dish that dad ever made,
Duck egg omelette,
Was better then anything I’ve ever had.

Chiba prefecture, Female, age 34:
I’ve never even told you the truth,
But the clumsy you that cried for someone like me,
Was the reason I married you.

Osaka, male, age 16
I got a message,
You asked if I was well
And at that moment, I felt great!

Saitama prefecture, male, age 60
Grandmother, Happy Birthday
It’s true that a woman’s beauty,
Is measured by the number of her candles.

Osaka, female, age 30
I want to raise a son who resembles you,
Who has the same personality as you,
So then somebody else would be just as lucky as me.

Hyogo prefecture, female, age 24:
When I was complaining about a “long distance relationship between Kobe and Kyoto”
Grandmother smiled and said “I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 20 years now”,
Grandfather in heaven, did you hear that?

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